Monday, May 16, 2011

Blog 2 - Ann Roth - Sam.C

Roth began her career at the Pittsburgh Opera as a Scenery Painter. Eventually overtime Roth intended to remain in the production design field until she met Irene Sharaff, who introduced Roth to the Costume design area. Sharaff took Roth in as an apprentice to work on five films and five Broadway productions, before Roth headed out on her own.

Overtime Roth has achieved two Emmy Award nominations, and in 2000 was honored with the Irene Sharaff Award of a Lifetime Achievement. Also in 2003 the Hollywood Film Festival honored her with the Outstanding Achievement

in Costume Design Award.

Ann Roth has worked on Costume from many well-known film and Broadway productions. Considering Roth has had the chance to work on so many different varieties of films and Broadway productions, she has been able to expand her horizon in the Costume industry.For example Roth has worked on films such as Julie and Julia, and The Village.

Even though both these films for example have been created for very different times from the human society, it has given Roth the opportunity to explore different areas of costuming. From these two films Roth has moved from colourful somewhat co

nservative to 1800’s, very conservative and not

able to work with much colour.

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