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Toni - Post 3 - Kameer Iliya

Kareem Lliya – Illustrator and Fashion Designer. He studied fashion Design at the University of Texas and the Institute of Fashion – New York. He completed his studies in 1992 and then commenced his career with Giorgio Armani whilst also freelancing as an illustrator.

Lliya produces his illustrations in beautiful bright watercolours and ink. The images are created with lovely long flowing characters that are distinctively his. Lliya's work has been described as being 'ethereal' and 'mystical'. His work has featured in many famous fashion magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Harper’s Bazaar, Visionaire, The New Yorker and the various editions of Vogue.

The book covers that Lliya has illustrated are many and include; The Great Gatsby, Tender Is The Night and The Beautiful And The Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald; Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe; Shoes: A Lexicon of Style; I Do…100 Years of Wedding Fashion and Fashion Illustrator: Drawing & Presentation For The Fashion Designer.

Lliya has recently created seven illustrations for company Perrier-Jouet. The images celebrate Perrier_Jouet’s Belle Epoque cuvee champagne. Other advertising clients include Tiffany & Co, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fith Ave, Bloomingdales and Nike.

Kareem Lliya is also a menswear designer.


deb ferguson-ruben toledo

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1961, one year apart from his wife, Isabel Toleda, They met in high school in New Jersey and have been corroborating together for years. Ruben Toleda is a self taught illustrator, designer, sculptor, surrealist, fashion chronicler and critic. He also designs fabrics, scarves, store windows, award statuettes, murals, album covers, portraits and barns. He is the author of a book 'The Style Dictionary'- (Abberville Press 1997)

'Toledo loves fashion, but he is also wonderfully cynical in the best sense of the boulevardier, the same role he assumes in life, walking amidst the fashion world with a dandy's fascination and poise.' (Richard Martin)

His fluid and witty illustrations are incorporated in the Spectres exhibition, not only as flat paintings on walls and installations, but as large wooden silhouettes which cast looming, distorted shadows that create a feeling of haunting.

born in Havana,Cuba 1961
A multi-faceted artist, Ruben Toledo is the master of several media. His best-known work delights in the absurdity, audacity and charisma of the fashion world. Unlike many illustrators, he adds wit and perspective to the representation of the human figure.

Lisa Ho

Lisa Ho is an Australian fashion designer born in Albury,

on the New South Wales and Victorian

border.She began sewing at age four inspired by her grandmother, whom Ho says she 'probably drove mad' as she was a tailor.Ho made patterns out of newspaper, old clothes and what ever elseshe could get her hands on.By the age of 10 Ho got her very first sewing machine, which no one else was allowed to touch. She used the sewing machine every day to make things for herself and four sisters.

She later trained in fashion design at East Sydney

Technical College, graduating in 1981 and spent a year working for another company, which she 'hated', before going out on her own.

In 1982 Ho was fresh out of college, she started her career at the Paddington markets with her designs that quickly brought her retail and media attention and began

the Lisa Ho brand. she has continued to build into one of the most

recognised brands in Australia and has a strong

celebrity following with the signature pieces being worn by veriouse celeberitys.

Her international reputation was first recognized during the Sydney 2000 opening

ceremony, which featured a special Lisa Ho designed segment celebrating her role in Australian fashion. Lisa was also asked to design the

gown worn by Olivia Newton-John for her performance to welcome the Olympic

athletes. Ho now employs 70 staff, which doesn't include outworkers, who man 11

signature stores and head office. Her label is also stocked in more than 250 boutiques worldwide, and she is seriously thinking about

opening a store in Los Angeles.

Brett Post 4 - Jordi Labanda

Jordi Labanda

Jordi Labanda studied industrial design and began his career as a commercial illustrator in 1993. Two years later Jordi Labanda's design's spread widely around the world and appeared in international press such as the New York times, Marie Claire, Elle, Visionaire and Vogue just to name a few. Jordi get's his inspirations by the fashion illustrations of the fifties and sixties, 19th-century French portrait artists and very urban art.

When it comes Jordi's fashion design he uses clear-cut, exclusive, pure and elegant, but also humor in his designs. Jordi Labanda is influenced by classicism and pop-culture, for example James Bond films, and show a profound aesthetic analysis of these themes. Simplicity of shapes and materials combined with figurative graphics. Thought what all Jordi Labanda creations have in common are soft forms, elegant lines and a slight retro. Jordi Labanda has also collaborated with big brands such as Pepsi Light, Dior, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Zara and Sandwich & Friends. His work is immediately recognisable by its clean style and often cheeky take on today’s consumer society. His illustrations also have transcended in the Books Hey Day the first compilation of his work with the elegant line of vibrant colours and imagery created over the years.

Sarah Hankinson

Sarah Hankinson

Sarah Hankinson is a young Australian fashion illustrator, her tecnique is unique and creative fashion, Hankinson's technique consist of delicate lines and the use of sudle water colors.
Her work is mainly focused on the female form which enhances the youthfulness and playfulness of fashion.

Sarah graduated from illustration in 2004 with a diploma in illustration, since then she has worked for many publications such as Cleo, Yen, Girlfriend and Shop Til You Drop magazines. As a fashion illustrator some of her corporate clients are; Sportsgirl, Kookai, Hardie Grant Publishers and Impulse Body Spray. Sarah has also displayed her illustrations throughout Melbourne and throughout Australia.

Thierry Mugler - Tenarra.

Thierry Mugler

was born on

the 21 December 1948 Strasbourg, France. From an early age

he had a focus on art and dance. Especially through dance, Mugler gained control over the mind and body enabling him a firm grasp on physical expression.

In Mugler's 24th year he decided to move to Paris. He had created himself a certain hand-made style that was embraced by the people who surrounded him. Motivated by their enthusiasm, he began to create designs for a small boutique. By the time that he had began to work in large ‘ready to wear’ houses in various cities around the world.

1979 Mugler released his own collection, which showcased his love for ultra-feminine designs. A show in Tokyo which fashion editor Melka Tréanton asked him to participate helped launch his career. In future shows Mugler would be both creative artist and show director.

He continued to use his love for femininity in his designs. He gave materials such as
metal and leather an elegant composure. Mugler later released a male line. He modernized masculinity, bringing a clean, precise edge with a highlight of the classic emphasis on prominent shoulders.

Murgler has now branched out to perfumes and cosmetics. He even has his own website that celebrates the female identity.

STACY Post 3: Costume Designers

1. Erté
2. Deena Appel
3. Judianna Makovsky
4. Travis Banton TENARRA
5. Matisse TOM
6. Cecil Beaton MITZI
7. Oskar Schlemmer
8. Léon Bakst
9. Lez Brotherston
10. Wilhelm
11. Oliver Messel  SARA
12. Bob Mackie ASHLEIGH
13. Catherine Martin LEESHA
14. Edith Head
15. Dorothy Jeakins DEBRA
16. John Napier
17. Irene Sharaff  TONI
18. Julie Taymor
19. Ann Roth SAM C
20. Walter Plunkett
21. William Ivey Long SAM
22. Colleen Attwood BRETT

STACY Post 4: Fashion Illustrators

Select a Fashion Illustrator from the following list. post 200 words, 5 links and 5 images

Francois Berthoud
3.  Hiroshi Tanabe
4.  Jason Brooks
5.  Kareem Iliya
6.  Anja Kroencke

7.  Jordi Labanda
8.  Lorenzo Mattoti

10. Henri Matchavariani
11. Bob Mackie
12. Ruben Toledo
13. Cinzia Ruggeri

14. Maddalena Sisto

15.Tobie Giddio
16. Liselotte Watkins LEESHA
17. Rene Gruau AMY
18. Stina Persson MITZI
19. Jerry Seguin JESS
20. Jacqueline Bissett ASHLEIGH
21. Sarah Hankinson SARA
22. Akari Inoguchi
23. Gary Fernandez
24. Peter Winnett
25. Tanya Ling
27. Anna Wintour.
28. Sandra Suy TOM

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The Louis Vuitton Corporation has been manufacturing leather goods since the late 19th century. Since having been founded in 1854 the company has gone from making suitcases to making both men's and women's clothes and accessories. Some accessory items include sunglasses, handbags, belts and shoes. Every bag that LV produces is still made by hand and can take up to 60 hours to produce.

Today, Vuitton merchandise are accessible through genuine LV boutiques and are even distributed through the organisation's main website To this day, the Louis Vuitton establishment is being kept alive by over 8,000 devoted employees from around the globe, and continues to rekindle people's hankering for elegance.

louis-vuitton-dress-08-profile.jpg China_louis_vuitton_ladies_shoes20088112341088.jpgquality-goods-louis-vuitton-sunglasses-original-box-f6763.jpgimgres.jpeg imgres.jpg

1. Vuitton&id=803421


3. information/louis-vuitton-history/




Old friends Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson are the designers and directors for their design partnership and business called Easton Pearson. Founded in 1989, it is based is Brisbane, Australia and has over 100 stores worldwide. They design for women who have a similar way of thinking, which is then expressed in the fabric. Their attention to detail including the beautifully handcrafted embroidery, sequinned fabrics and the texture of the fabric on the skin is a very important part of the process. Much of their inspiration comes from the love of and traditional textiles, places they have seen around the world, from old movies and characters from books. Even Easton and Pearson's personal interests are "sown" into the designs. The brand personifies women of varying cultural influences and mixed tenets and allows them the ability to express.

imgres.jpg fashion-easton-pearson-print-short-dress.jpg r246235_1005998.jpg imgres_1.jpg

1. australian-storytelling-through-threads/


3. pearson-interview





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Brett Post 3 -Colleen Atwood

Colleen Atwood is an Academy Award-winning costume designer that has more than excelled in her field by creating vibrant, eye-catching period costumes and appropriate low-key clothing for more character-driven films.

Colleen's greater acclaim came in the 80's when working with director Tim Burton for his eccentric take on suburbia in "Edward Scissorhands" with Edwards elaborate leather suit and the almost hallucinatory pastels of the supporting cast colleen was able to almost create the character in the outfits themselves.

Since the 1980's Colleen has designed for Over 50 movies and won 5 Academy Awards for Best Costume Design, most recently for the 2010 remake of Alice In Wonderland. Again working with Tim Burton colleen used a three part process for the design one designing the real-world setting of Alices life in Victorian England. Two, designing the costumes of Wonderland and its live inhabitants; and three, collaborating on clothing design for animated characters bringing together this award winning styles.

Personal Quotes

"Costumes are the first impression that you have of the character before they open their mouth-it really does establish who they are."

"As a designer, you have to solve a lot of problems. Even though people are wearing clothes that are supposed to look beautiful, they'll have to do all kinds of things."

Irene Sharaff

Irene Sharaff studied at New York School of Fine and Applied Arts, Art Students League of New York and Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris. She originally worked as a fashion illustrator for Vougue and other magazines.

Sharaff progressed to costume design when she was employed by the Civic Repertory Theatre. The theatre worked on a small budget which meant she had to be creative with resources, she used unusual fabrics and trimmings; lampshade fabrics for gowns and toilet chains for necklaces that she sourced from off-beat shops. She created a trend in fashion and interior design when she used Thai silk as a fabric for costumes in the movie “The King and I”. Thailand began a great trade in exporting silk.

Her great mind, intuitiveness and vision made Sharaff a very sought after costume and set designer for movies, the ballet and stage shows, this enabled her to costume for “West Side Story”, "Sweet Charity", "Funny Girl", "On Your Toes" and many others. She won a Tony Award for the stage show "The King and I" and an Academy Award for the movie; she also won 5 Academy Awards for other movies.

Irene Sharaff's signature was a dress with snug-fitting curvy bodice with a very full skirt. Sharaff died in 1993 at the age of 83.