Wednesday, April 20, 2011

5. Helmut Newton - Tenarra

Helmut Newton was a German born fashion photographer. His interest in photography started when he bought his first camera at age 12. He worked for a German photographer known as Yva from 1936 but was forced into a concentration camp in 1938 due to his Jewish decent. He left Germany soon after and found himself working as a reporter for the Straits times and as a portrait photographer.

Newton was sent to Australia by the British authorities in 1940 and in 1946, post war, set up his studio and worked as a Fashion and theater photographer. His first exhibition was with Wolfgang Seivers in 1953. He began a partnership with Henry Talbot which would continue on after he left for London.

Due to his growing reputation he landed a contract with the British Vogue. Talbot continued with the business affairs. Newton left London for Paris before the end of his 12 month contract where he continued his work with magazines. Throughout this time he shaped himself an iconic style that often featured erotic and sado-masochistic subtexts. His original works went on to be sold for over $20,000.

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