Monday, April 4, 2011

Sandra Suy -Tom Walgers

Sandra Suy (1977) Barcelona first trained as a fashion designer before becoming a renowned fashion illustrator noted for the balance, simplicity and the expressive quality of her work.

Her images are of men and women, portraits and figures and are composed of clean, expressive lines often over organic textures and washes, simple refined palettes and usually a point of emphasis where she introduces fine detail. Often there is a contrast between the weight of the line or the texture of the fill or wash.

Sandra makes use of multiple mediums and notably combines analogue methods with digital tools rather than eschewing one for the other.
Making use of both methods, Sandra’s restraint and simplicity of composition distinguishes her from other illustrators in a time digital saturation.
She uses digital techniques, often a watercolour wash or an organic texture, to augment or complement the figure rather than dominate the image.Her application of organic layers through a digital process achieves a clean and controlled rendering without limiting the expressive quality of the medium. The result is a striking balance which makes sense considering her ambitions as an illustrator revolve around remaining relevant “try[ing] to make illustrations that will not perish in time; something you can look at in 10 years and will not seem passé, “out of step.”

In determining the quality of an illustration Sandra refers to the image’s ‘aura’. This is significant insofar as the carefully defined subject of each image is expertly expressed through her method.

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