Monday, February 28, 2011

Lisa Ho

Lisa Ho is an Australian fashion designer born in Albury,

on the New South Wales and Victorian

border.She began sewing at age four inspired by her grandmother, whom Ho says she 'probably drove mad' as she was a tailor.Ho made patterns out of newspaper, old clothes and what ever elseshe could get her hands on.By the age of 10 Ho got her very first sewing machine, which no one else was allowed to touch. She used the sewing machine every day to make things for herself and four sisters.

She later trained in fashion design at East Sydney

Technical College, graduating in 1981 and spent a year working for another company, which she 'hated', before going out on her own.

In 1982 Ho was fresh out of college, she started her career at the Paddington markets with her designs that quickly brought her retail and media attention and began

the Lisa Ho brand. she has continued to build into one of the most

recognised brands in Australia and has a strong

celebrity following with the signature pieces being worn by veriouse celeberitys.

Her international reputation was first recognized during the Sydney 2000 opening

ceremony, which featured a special Lisa Ho designed segment celebrating her role in Australian fashion. Lisa was also asked to design the

gown worn by Olivia Newton-John for her performance to welcome the Olympic

athletes. Ho now employs 70 staff, which doesn't include outworkers, who man 11

signature stores and head office. Her label is also stocked in more than 250 boutiques worldwide, and she is seriously thinking about

opening a store in Los Angeles.

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