Friday, February 18, 2011

Brett Post 2 - Tommy Hilfiger - (TH)

Tommy Hilfiger - (TH)

The Tommy Hilfiger Corporation was founded in 1984 by designer Tommy Hilfiger. TH never went to design school but started experimenting in design in the 1970’s. Today TH has successful lines of men's clothing, women's clothing, home furnishings, and a unisex fragrance, he became the fashion guru of the 1990s and the biggest thing to hit the fashion industry in a decade, his designs are casual while his prices remain moderate.

Tommy Hilfiger has a different approach to the design of his clothes, rather than creating brand new fashions TH redesigns and updates. TH is well known for his all-American chinos, chambray shirts, knit polo shirts, jeans, and other wardrobe essentials. His clothes are classic, comfortable, high quality pieces that are able to grab the appeal of the young and old. One of TH’s great marketing tools has been dressing celebrities that started in 1992 with rapper Snoop Dogg and moving up to such names as Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson. TH may appeal to all ages, but what sets him apart from other designers is his lock on the youth market. TH’s success has been a combination of great marketing, merchandising, and hype packaging the brand better than any designer since Ralph Lauren.

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