Monday, February 21, 2011

Leigh Bowery

Leigh Bowery was a fashion designer born in Australia on the 26th March 1961. He expressed his creative abilities not only as a fashion designer, but also as an artist, actor, model and
pop-star through the London clubbing scene. This enabled him to take a diverse standing in the fashion industry as well as developing his influential avant garde ideas.

During the 1980s-90s Bowery transformed his career from the relatively ignored, while successful, collections (including appearances in the New York and London fashion weeks) to an exceptionally well-

known figure among fashion nightclubs.

Using his awkward upbringing and bold appearance as inspiration, Bowery designed flamboyant clothing as armor for his insecurities. Often showcasing his work through his clubbing appearances, he captivated the art and design world through his
queer and narcissistic manner. He pushed the limits of social standards
using an ‘in-your-face' and openly gay performance, inspiring the likes of
Alexander McQueen, The Scissor Sisters and Boy George to challenge what was seen as acceptable in pop culture.

After contracting HIV through unsafe sexual activities, Bowery kept his

doom a secret. This was due to the fear that his fate would overshadow his achievements been and those to come. Bowery later died from AIDS related diseases in 31 December 1994.

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