Monday, February 28, 2011

Thierry Mugler - Tenarra.

Thierry Mugler

was born on

the 21 December 1948 Strasbourg, France. From an early age

he had a focus on art and dance. Especially through dance, Mugler gained control over the mind and body enabling him a firm grasp on physical expression.

In Mugler's 24th year he decided to move to Paris. He had created himself a certain hand-made style that was embraced by the people who surrounded him. Motivated by their enthusiasm, he began to create designs for a small boutique. By the time that he had began to work in large ‘ready to wear’ houses in various cities around the world.

1979 Mugler released his own collection, which showcased his love for ultra-feminine designs. A show in Tokyo which fashion editor Melka Tréanton asked him to participate helped launch his career. In future shows Mugler would be both creative artist and show director.

He continued to use his love for femininity in his designs. He gave materials such as
metal and leather an elegant composure. Mugler later released a male line. He modernized masculinity, bringing a clean, precise edge with a highlight of the classic emphasis on prominent shoulders.

Murgler has now branched out to perfumes and cosmetics. He even has his own website that celebrates the female identity.

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