Friday, February 18, 2011

Brett Post 1 - Calvin Klien (CK)


Calvin Klien Inc was founded in 1968 when designer Calvin Klien opened a small coat store in New York City. CK opened his store with a budget of $10,000 selling clothing items such as coats, sportswear and lingerie. The Calvin Klien brand made it’s first major growth in 1978 when CK released the first Iconic Calvin Klien Jean. CK jeans has been positioned as an authentic designer jeans brand known for Clean, effortless styling with an element of edginess is the essence of the brand also the brands innovative fit and unique details and denim treatments.

In the 1980’s CK Jean’s was at its peak when CK designed and introduced the highly successful underwear line we know of today. CK underwear for Men and Women has led the market by offering consumers cutting-edge design, innovative fabrics, and exceptional fit and quality. CK is also famous for it’s various lines of men’s and women’s fragrance with well know names such as Obsession, CK one, Eternity and the original Calvin. CK has built his empire using iconic advertising campaigns featuring top models, celebrities and newly discovered talent and today is considered the most prominent American designer brand.

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