Monday, February 14, 2011

Jenny Kee

Jennifer Margaret Kee was born at Bondi
Beach in Sydney in 1947. Jenny Kee is a designer and artist. She pioneered Australian fashion design using the vibrant colours and designs of the Australian bush.

Jenny decided to get serious about art in 1963, and studied fashion design at East Sydney Technical College, but they wouldn't let her design the colourful clothes she wanted. Jenny is an inventive and very talented designer, she uses vibrant colours seen in everyday Australian life to come up with designs related to the outback and the Australian bush.

In 1965 Kee moved to London and became involved in the swinging London and underground scene, where she sold ethnic and retro clothes, cast-off Dior clothes, and Indian embroideries to a hippy clientele.

In 1972 Jenny returned to Australia, where she opened
her own fashion boutique, Flamingo Park. After opening, she was approached by fashion and textile designer Linda Jackson.
They soon
partnered up to create bright and colorful pure Australian wool knitted jumpers with emblems, among them is a knitted koala jumper that was own by the late Lady Di.

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