Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cecil Beaton post 3

Cecil Beaton was a painter, photographer and a costume designer, just to name a few. He would often use paints to design his costumes and once the garment had been put together, he would then have someone show it off as he photographed it. Cecil often designed outfits for glamorous films like 'Gigi' and 'My Fair Lady'.

As a young child, Beaton would dress his sisters in different attire and take pictures of them.

During WWII Cecil served in the British Ministry of Information where he'd take snapshots of the Siege of Britain. The images were then published in a book called 'Winged' (1942).

From his home in Hampstead to the stages of film and theatre productions, Cecil Beaton was a man admired by many. Beaton was later knighted for his works of sophistication and elegance.cecil1.jpgcecil2.jpgcecil3.jpgcecil4.jpgcecil5.jpg







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