Monday, March 28, 2011

Hiroshi Tanabe Fashion Illustrator

Hiroshi Tanabe is a Japanese Fashion Illustrator based in New York.' He specializes in illustrations that resemble traditional Japanese woodcuts shown in a unique and vibrant light.

Coming from a Graphic design background Tanabe furthered his understanding of art through study of art and sculpture. This matched with his degree in design gave a modern take on these traditional designs.As his career has progressed so has his style, becoming more refined and layered. In order to show case his work Tanabe has published two books each contributing to his desired result; An avenue to establish his “own personal work without having to deal with theme, concept and that are not related to (his) career but still express 100% of (himself).”

The first was called ‘Blue Mode’ and the second ‘#2.’ His unique take illustration and design attracted Gold Awards for from the New York Art Directors Club.

His book "#2" was published after he returned to Japan for several of exhibitions of his work, which were shown within the book.

Since then Hiroshi has exhibited his illustrations internationally and has continued with commissions from clients including Anna Sui, Shiseido, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Lloyd & Co., etc.

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