Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Samantha S - Stella McCartney

This barely new modern designer uses fun fresh friendly fabric and eco friendly to co exist successfully.

Stella McCartney brand is known for its feminie well designed and flirtation look. At the age of 15 she worked with Christian Lacroix on his first couture collection and in 1997 graduated and appointed head chief designer at Chloe.

In 2000 a successful Chloe designer, Stella McCartney was approached by Tom Ford at the GUCCI group, about backing her own line. Being a life long vegetarian she made sure that her contract. Had a no fur no leather.

As head designer Stella McCartney has been quoted to design clothing that she would wear but could not find anywhere else.

The brand includes luxury women’s ready to wear shoes, bags, fragrances, accessories and organic skin care and is a fast favourite among the A-list stars.

The Stella McCartney look combines that of casual luxury wear e.g. Skin tight trousers or hipster jeans, perfectly paired with tops that have interesting neck lines with bold prints or otherworldly themes. Finishing with a wide belt and a tailored coat.

Stella has created a line that is environmentally friendly but maintains a sense of fancy while still being sexy. Her talent help increased French house Chloe’s revenues by 500%

McCartney is daughter of ex – Beatle Paul McCartney. The president of Chloe claims he didn’t hire her for her famous last name (he told VOUGE he thought her name had been Stella McCarthy.

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