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In the times of twentieth-century fashion and portrait photography, Horst's involvement figures as one of the most artistically momentous and long lasting, straddling as it did the sixty years between 1931 and 1991.

During this period, his name became notorious as a one-word photographic byline, and his photographs came to be seen as equal with the creation of images of elegance, style and mysterious glamour.

Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann was born on 14 August 1906.

The first pictures that carried a Horst praise line appeared in the December 1931 issue of French Vogue. It was a full-page advertisement showing a model in black velvet holding a Klytia scent bottle in one hand with the other hand raised gracefully above it... Horst's real advance as a published fashion and portrait photographer was in the pages of British Vogue.

The late 1930s and early 1940s were his most constructive years, during which he excelled at working with 10-x-8 inch colour transparencies both for covers and for portrait and fashion sittings.

Horst's first main trip to Austria occurred in 1952, to work on a major publicity campaign with the new model Suzy Parker.

In the 1980’s, Horst was commissioned to take nine photographs, which appeared in February 1980. This was the most popular issue of Life in that year, selling 1.5 million copies. It led to a book contract and continued work with editor James Watters, whose encyclopedic information of early Hollywood stars made him the perfect interviewer as the two men traveled around America to create their best-selling book Return Engagement: Faces to Remember - Then and Now (1984).

Horst' career can be said to have reached Old Master status when the world's most renowned pop goddess, Madonna, created her famous hymn to classic fashion photography with her single Vogue in 1990.

Horst died at his home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, at 93 years of age.

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