Monday, March 7, 2011

4. Natalie Kiryk ~ RICHARD AVEDON

Avedon started taking photos in 1942 with a camera his dad gave him. In 1944 he was discovered by the art director of Harper's Bizaar. In 1946 he set up his own studio and began providing images for Vogue and Life magazines. He soon became the chief photographer for Harper's Bizaar. Avedon didn't conform to the standard way of photographing models but instead showed the emotions of models, smiling, laughing and took many action shots.

In 1966 Avedon went to work for Vogue as a staff photographer, which lead him to become lead photographer and was responsible for most of the covers from 1973 until 1988.
Starting from the 1980's he worked with Gianni Versace on various fashion advertisement assignments. He also shot the Calvin Klein
Jeans campaign with Brooke Shields when she was just 15 and worked with her for 12 American Vogue covers and Revlon's most Beautiful Women Campaign.

Avedon photographed Paris fashion shows year after year, working with many of the most famous models, actresses and fashion designers.

Avedon was known for his professionalism, sensitivity, acute creativity, spontinaiety and was ever so stylistically innovative. His career spanded over 60 years with him influencing and leading the way in photography.

In 1995- "In memory of the Late Mr. and Mrs. Comfort." a fable photographed and created for the new yorker, in collaboration with diana arbus was one of his later works and is absoluely brilliant!

The Richard Avedon Mr. and Mrs. Comfort photos for The New Yorker represent a revulsion against the very high society world that embraced him. They are a violent cariacature of a world of thin women and rich men who are — at the end of the day — dust like the rest of us mortals...

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